FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John held a workshop on Monday to help form design for the Festival Plaza project.

A wide range of ideas and concepts were populated by focus groups, comprised of community members, to help make it an inclusive space for everyone.

Various structures and concepts were designed during the workshop.

According to the City, the new Festival Plaza will occupy the site of the former visitor centre and will be host to viable and vibrant entertainment, events, activities and markets.

City Councillor, Tony Zabinsky, says this project will be from the people, for the people and that it will need to encompass all aspects.

“We’re going to open it up to the public, and the public’s going to have their input to what they would like to see in regards to this. If you look at what’s been developed and suggested, negative or positive, they would like to see and the uses of it. Again, it’s going to be from the people, for the people and that being said we’ve got to make sure we encompass all aspects of that and what it could be used for.”

Fort St. John City Council has allocated approximately $1.2 million from the Peace River Agreement signing bonus in 2015 for the development of this new public space.

The design process is still ongoing and members of the public are welcome to provide their input and comments to the City of Fort St. John through the online forum at

The Festival Plaza is scheduled for design this winter and with construction in the summer of 2019.