FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John City Council will decide the future of the proposed dog park on Monday.

At the last Council meeting on July 23, 2018, Council deferred a decision on whether or not to proceed with building a dog park and its associated amenities in Toboggan Hill Park after the lowest tendered bid for the project came in over $200,000 over budget.

In a report to Council, staff said that the City received three bids for the dog park project, all of which came in well over the City’s $500,000 budget for the project.

Knappett Industries’ bid totalled $705,947, while bids from S. Young Enterprises and DGS Astro Paving totalled $1,060,034 and $1,275,862.11 respectively.

Staff are still recommending Council move forward with the project as stated in a report that will go before Council on August 13. Staff were unable to provide a detailed cost estimate due to privacy reasons with since the winning bid has not yet been awarded.

At the July 23 meeting, councillor Trevor Bolin expressed concern about the large increase in the budget and said he wasn’t able to support the recommendation until a breakdown of the costs for the project was given.

Below is a copy of the report being presented to Council on Monday.