CHETWYND, B.C. – The District of Chetwynd announced Monday that has been awarded a grant of $717,100 for structural flood mitigation work.

The District said that it intends to use the funds to build two debris and gravel traps on local creeks that are prone to flooding during heavy rain. According to Chetwynd Mayor Merlin Nichols, the flood mitigation work will reduce the amount of debris that is swept into streambeds located near the community’s downtown area.

“Chetwynd has been hit hard by flooding in the past. The structural mitigation work enabled by the grant funding will help us to more proactively deal with potential flooding in the future,” said Mayor Nichols. “We are delighted to have been awarded this grant and look forward to getting started on the mitigation project as quickly as possible.”

In recent years, Chetwynd has experienced substantial flooding that resulted in damage to infrastructure and properties. The District said those floods had a negative impact on its operating and capital budgets, and even led to the District’s declaring a local state of emergency in 2016.

Last year, Chetwynd undertook a Flood Hazard Study that was intended to help assess and lessen the risk of flooding in the future.