FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John Council gave approval on Monday for staff to build the City’s first crokicurl rink beside the North Peace Arena and North Peace Leisure Pool this winter.

Councillors voted in favour of a recommendation from the City’s Facilities and Grounds Director Robin Langille authorizing that a crokicurl rink be built in the space formerly occupied by the Gymnastics building. Staff were authorized to allocate $12,000 from the City’s C5 Winter Cities account in this year’s Capital Budget to set up the rink, which would include the necessary equipment including a lockable storage container.

The remains of the Gymnastics building at the Fort St. John Rec Centre. Photo by Chris Newton

Council also voted in favour of Langille’s recommendation that $9,300 be approved to support the increased staffing levels to support the construction, maintenance, and oversight of the crokicurl rink in next year’s Operating Budget.

Last month, councillors deferred a decision on approving the crokicurl rink since not enough information was present in staff’s report, and the question of where the rink’s curling rocks would be stored when not in use was unanswered. Staff also recommended at the time that the rink be built at the old Business Resource Centre parking lot behind the North Peace Museum, but decided to move the location to the site of the former gymnasium, which was demolished last fall.

Langille said while answering a number of questions from councillors that the rink itself would not be a permanent fixture at the location next to the Arena, and could be moved to another location with relative ease.