FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The 56th Annual Oilmen’s Golf Tournament came to a close on Saturday.

The tournament featured 192 oilfield workers in 12 flights competing to be top golfer. Travis Eggers met with Dillon Maier in this years finals, where he was able to knock him off and win the tournament.

Eggers win meant that Kevin McKnee wouldn’t get his name engraved on the cup for the first time in six years.

Results from the 12 flights are listed below:

Championship Flight:

  • Winner: Tavis Eggers
  • Runner Up: Dillon Maier

1st Flight:

  • Winner: Jeremy Clothier
  • Runner Up: John Telford

Second Flight:

  • Winner: Bud Stewart
  • Runer Up: Shawn Ward
  • Consolation Winner: Ken Villeneuve

3rd Flight:

  • Winner: Dave Buziak
  • Runner Up: Reid Van Hollen
  • Consolation Winner: Tyler Levers

4th Flight:

  • Winner: Lex Neufeld
  • Runner Up: Andrew Moody
  • Consolation Winner: Shale Deschippes

5th Flight:

  • Winner: Ian Titley
  • Runner Up: DJ Shallow
  • Consolation Winer: Rob Fraser

6th Flight:

  • Winner: Jared Bourque
  • Runner Up: Colby Waqar
  • Consolation Winner: Lyle Mall

7th Flight:

  • Winner: Bernard Salinas
  • Runner Up: Wyatt Soule
  • Consolation Winner: Blake Bowyer

8th Flight:

  • Winner: Al Levers
  • Runner Up: Tip Johnson
  • Consolation Winner: Dave Smith

9th Flight:

  • Winner: Len Fallis
  • Runner Up: Brandon Cawker
  • Consolation Winner: Rick Villeneuve

10th Flight:

  • Winner: Charlie Slugget
  • Runner Up: Jay Greenwood
  • Consolation Winner: Lee Irvine

11th Flight:

  • Winner: Gary Lang
  • Runner Up: Kirk Ward
  • Consolation Winner: Troy Viens