VANCOUVER, B.C. — LNG Canada CEO Andy Calitz said today at a forum in Vancouver that his company is preparing final investment documents with plans to start construction on a proposed liquified natural gas export terminal near Kitimat later this year.

Business in Vancouver reporter Nelson Bennett tweeted earlier today that Calitz spoke at the Globe Forum 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre and said that LNG Canada is preparing final investment documents for the project, with the plan to start construction some time in 2018.


Quoting Calitz directly, Bennett said in a follow-up tweet that the LNG Canada CEO stated two years ago that his company wanted construction to have started on the project some time this year, and that those plans remain unchanged. has attempted to reach out to an LNG Canada spokesperson, though phone calls have not been returned. Resource Works executive director Stewart Muir said that he heard Calitz speak last fall, saying that a year from then he anticipated announcing some good news.

“If within that timeframe he has come forward today to indicate that they’re going to be spending in anticipation of the F.I.D., that is a major development. I think it means that the upstream side in the Peace is going to be very excited. I’ve heard that everyone’s working around Fort St. John right now, that it’s a very brisk period. This is a good time for someone to start a project because they’ll be looking for that labour from the labour pool. Maybe they’re starting to see that things are picking up generally and they better get going.”

The day after his government came to power last June, B.C. Premier John Horgan stated that LNG Canada’s proposed project had the support of his party, something he echoed in January at the Premier’s B.C. Natural Resource Forum in Prince George. While speaking with Muir at the forum, Horgan said that he imagined the potential for as many as several LNG export facilities to be built in B.C. over the next few years.