BAYTREE, A.B. – Contract workers at a Birchcliff’s Pouce Coupe Gas Plant were taken to hospital after an H2S leak.

According to the company, some contract workers were affected by the H2S leak on Friday and taken to the Dawson Creek Hospital. All of the workers have since been released from the Hospital.

The company says the incident happened at their Pouce Coupe Gas Plant that is located east of Dawson Creek near Baytree. According to company spokesperson Robyn Bourgeois, a full investigation is currently underway.

“It is not clear if the release at Pouce Coupe was the cause on the incident that affected the contract workers. Birchcliff promptly initiated its emergency response procedures and notified the appropriate authorities. Birchcliff is currently conducting a full investigation and, if necessary, will comment at the appropriate time.”


Police and Fire dispatchers fielded a high volume of calls on Friday from concerned citizens in both Alberta and B.C. asking if they need to take precautions or be evacuated.

The RCMP say at this time, there is no ongoing release and there is no risk to public safety. If the situation were to change, affected residents would be contacted directly as per industry Emergency Response Plans that are currently in place.

The Birchcliff Pouce Coupe Gas Plant has a processing capacity has increased to 260 MMcf per day. Engineering, procurement and fabrication work is underway for the Phase VI expansion of the PC Gas Plant which will increase processing capacity to 340 MMcf per day with an expected startup date of October 2018.