CHILLIWACK, B.C. – Special Olympic figure skater Darlene Jakubowski hit the ice for the B.C. Coast Regional Championships in Chilliwack in early February where she won two medals.

Jakubowski, a figure skater for the past fourteen years as a member of the Peace Passage Skating Club in Taylor, has a long list of accolades to her name including numerous trips to the Special Olympics.

“This will be the fourth time around,” said her mother Laonna Jakubowski. “She went to Worlds in Idaho and Pyeongchang and last winter she was in Austria, where she won a bunch of medals.”

She captured the gold medal in the free skate and the silver in dance as she lost to a gentleman that organisers decided to throw into her division at the last minute. However, Jakubowski knew she had to defeat her biggest critic.

“I wasn’t up against anybody,” added Darlene Jakubowski. “I was skating against just myself.”

Provincials will be held next winter in Vernon, while Thunder Bay will be the location of Nationals in 2020 which will host of more competition.