CALGARY, A.B. – The head of Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. is applauding Alberta’s efforts to put pressure on British Columbia in the pipeline dispute and calling on the federal government to do more.

Ian Anderson says it’s unfortunate that the pipeline debate has escalated into a wider trade dispute with Alberta banning imports of B.C. wine Tuesday since such disputes are harmful to all involved, but that it helps to remind B.C. of the severity of their actions.

He says the company sent a letter to B.C. Premier John Horgan Tuesday expressing disappointment in the province’s move to restrict increases in diluted bitumen shipments as a clear attempt to stifle the Trans Mountain expansion project.

Echoing comments made by Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Anderson says B.C.’s actions are clearly illegal and unconstitutional and is looking for more action from the federal government.

He says the no one is missing the agenda B.C. is pursuing with their B.C. Green Party alliance and that the province has no jurisdiction to restrict the shipments of diluted bitumen.

Anderson says the suggestion by some of restricting oil and gas shipments to B.C. to put pressure on the province is not commercially feasible and not something the company is considering.