CALGARY, A.B. – Fort St. John’s Denny Morrison has qualified for his fourth winter Olympics.

Morrison finished in second behind Vincent De Haître in the men’s 1500m race. De Haître skated to a time of 1:43.44 and Morrison finished with a time of 1:44.13. After having already met the time standard of 1:44.14 in the fall, De Haître and Morrison were the only two to skate under that time, Saturday, and therefore earned two of the three spots available to Canada in the men’s 1500m for the 2018 Olympic Games.

Denny Morrison could be taking part in his fourth career Olympics, where he won a medal each time out.

“I crossed the line and I knew I did what I had to do, but I knew I could have had an even better race,” said Morrison. “I didn’t feel exhausted like I normally do in my best races. I feel like I’m capable of the results that I was capable of before all of what I lived through. I feel like I’m back! It leaves me inspired to do even more. I’ve been setting realistic goals for myself and now, a realistic goal is a podium in South Korea.”

“It’s not just a victory for me in speed skating, but a victory for all the support staff that got me here. It’s a huge milestone today and a huge victory for myself and the overall team. I also hope it’s a victory for other stroke survivors or others that have gone through something similar to me to know that you start with the goal post close and then keep moving them further because it’s an accumulation of those small steps that’s got me to this.”

2018 Long Track Team Selections will be officially announced on Tuesday at Calgary’s Olympic Oval.