Chetwynd ER to remain closed until Monday

(Sunday) 2:30 pm January 7, 2018

Update on the Status of the Chetwynd General Hospital Emergency Ward:

The Emergency Ward at the Chetwynd Hospital is NOW open and it is business as usual.

A number of patients have been discharged and extra staff have been called in so the diversion of patients to other hospitals is now over,

The staff of the Chetwynd General Hospital are pleased to make this announcement.


CHETWYND, B.C. – The Chetwynd Hospital Emergency Room will be closed until Monday morning.

In a post on Facebook Saturday, Peace FM shared a message from the Hospital that the ER would be closed starting Saturday night until Monday morning. There was no reason given for the closure.

Residents were advised in the post to travel to either Dawson Creek or the Fort St. John Hospital if they needed care. Any patients that called 911 would also be transferred to Dawson Creek or Fort St. John.

This isn’t the first time the Emergency Room has been closed in Chetwynd. In the past, the ER was closed due to staff shortages. In August of 2015, the Emergency Room closed almost every weekend due to a shortage of Physicians.

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