FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Peace Valley Landowner Association and Peace Valley Environment Association are calling on Auditor General Carol Bellringer to review the provincial government’s decision to continue building the Site C dam.

In an open letter to the Auditor General on behalf of both the PVLA and PVEA, Botterell Law Corp. asks Bellringer to audit the NDP government’s rationale for continuing construction of the project. The two groups say that the following series of questions need to be answered by the Auditor General’s office:

  1. Is the December 11th, 2017 memorandum prepared by McCullough Research correct?
  2. Is it true that if the BC government abandoned the Site C project, British Columbia would have no alternative but to incur an immediate $3-4 billion public charge to either BC Hydro ratepayers or BC taxpayers? Please refer to the attached statement of Attorney General David Eby.
  3. What is the likely minimum cash impact on present and future BC Hydro ratepayers and BC taxpayers of completing Site C vs. cancelling Site C?
  4. What mitigation measures are available through policy, legislation or regulation to minimize the cash flow impact of the cancellation of Site C on BC Hydro ratepayers or BC taxpayers?
  5. What viable options does the British Columbia government have to ameliorate the accounting (as opposed to cash flow) treatment of Site C cancellation costs?
  6. Is the best practice to exclude or include sunk costs when deciding whether or not to complete a project such as Site C?
  7. Should accounting treatment be the decisive factor when considering whether or not to complete a project such as Site C?
  8. Other questions you deem relevant to determining whether or not the BC government is acting in an effective, economic and efficient manner with respect to Site C.

Bellringer was supposed to audit the project, though her review was put on hold pending the B.C. Utilities Commission’s Site C Inquiry that began in August. The landowners say that if the Auditor General does review the decision, that it would have an interim report prepared by next month.

Copies of the PVLA and PVEA’s letter, as well as the December 11th report from McCullough Research, and the statement from Attorney General David Eby can be found below.