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HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. — Hudson’s Hope district council will be voting on whether or not to increase water rates for both residential and commercial customers at a council meeting next week.

The District’s Corporate Officer Tammy McKeown said that the District is proposing that water rates will increase by roughly 10 percent, which would take effect on January 1st. She said that residential customers would see their annual water bill increase from $228 to $250.80. Non-residential customers would pay $511.50 per year, up from the current $465 annual fee.

McKeown explained that though residents in Hudson’s Hope have had water meters installed in the past, the District does not intend to move to metered usage-based billing at this time. “In the event that we do start metering, the minimum charge will be $20.90 per month, which is equivalent to what everyone is paying now anyway,” said McKeown. “It works out to the same. Either you’ll have the flat fee if you’re not metered, and if you are metered you’ll pay the same amount as anyone with the flat fee.”

McKeown added that the metered rate has been included in the bylaw in the event the District moves to metered usage-based billing for water users.

The vote is set to take place at the Hudson’s Hope District Office on November 27th during the regular council meeting.

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