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UPDATE: #3: Traffic is now being detoured through Frontage road.

UPDATE #2: Caribou Road Services’ Quality Control Assistant Sarah Griffith said that CRS crews have prioritized clearing the vehicle incident on the South Taylor Hill. Griffith said that Highway 97 has been reduced to single-lane alternating traffic in both directions. At this point, there’s no word on when the vehicle incident will be cleared.

Griffith added that extra snowploughs have been deployed to help clear the hill of snow, which is reportedly causing many delays. She added that crews have activated the chain-up lights and that Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement crews have been notified of the situation. Griffith explained that the CVSE is automatically notified when the chain-up lights are activated and will deploy officers to enforce the chain-up if resources are available.

UPDATE: According to multiple reports, there are two semi-trucks spun out on the South Taylor Hill. Tow trucks are on the scene. No information at this point as to how long of a delay there will be or when the highway will be cleared up.

TAYLOR, B.C. – According to multiple reports sent to energetic there is up to a twenty-minute delay on the South Taylor Hill as traffic is at a standstill in both directions. The cause of the delay is still unknown.

This is a developing story and we will have an update once more information becomes available.

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