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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Tickets for the U17 World Hockey Challenge are selling faster compared to in 2015.

People are purchasing tickets at a faster rate this year compared to the last time the U17 Hockey Challenge was here.

Director of Hockey Canada in Dawson Creek Barry Reynard said, “We have sold more tickets than in 2015 at this time. We believe that is due to people being more excited about the level of play they are going to see. We are anticipating a number of sellouts, especially for the Canada vs Russia game.”

Sponsorship’s and ticket sales are both up from two years ago despite a projected lower sales trend. Reynard added, “The ticket packaging of the sponsorship’s were based on an anticipated market of a lower trend we thought we might see as a result of the downside of the economy last year. We built more enticing packages. We also have a lot more tickets with sponsors out in the community.”

In 2015 around 31,000 people attended the U-17 World Hockey Challenge and according to Reynard total attendance is on track to surpass that number this time around.

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