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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At Tuesday’s regular council meeting, Fort St. John City Council awarded the tender for the demolishing of the Condill Hotel.

Out of three total bidders, NAPP Enterprises LTD out of Prince George was awarded the tender to demolish the Condill Hotel by council, who’s bid of $457,480.00 was also the lowest. Pacific Blasting & Demolition LTD out of Vancouver/Edmonton had a bid of $646,949.52 and S. Young Enterprises LTD of Fort St. John had the highest bid of the three at $949, 714.00.

The demolition of the hotel will allow the three separately titled lots to be offered for sale as part of the downtown revitalization plan which is to actualize downtown Fort St. John as a social, vibrant, liveable hub as articulated in the Fort St. John Downtown Action Plan. As well, there is a significant sense of urgency concerning the demolition of the building in order to prevent any negative impacts on the downtown associated with vacant and neglected buildings.

Economic Development Officer Moira Green said, “We anticipate NAPP Enterprises LTD will be in town between October 20th to 25th as soon as everything is finalized.”

Mayor Lori Ackerman said, “By making this selection the total cost of the project, including acquisition of the property and demolition of the building, will not exceed the budget of $1,500,000.”

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