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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — While the provincial government’s September petroleum and natural gas land rights sale was higher than the auction held in August, it was also notable for the lack of land rights that were auctioned off.

Last month, 21 drilling licenses and leases were auctioned off for a total of just over $10.7 million. That amount is roughly three times the amount of money raised by the government in August, when just $3.4 million worth of licenses were auctioned off. The highest amount paid was just under $5.2 million for a 528 hectare lease that was picked up by NRG Landsolutions Inc. That works out to roughly $9,800/hectare.

Though last month’s amount is neither notable for being exceptionally low or high, it is notable for the number of parcels that weren’t picked up. While past monthly auctions this year have seen one or two parcels that attracted either no bids or bids too low to be accepted by the government, last month a total of eight parcels went unsold.

The next land rights sale is scheduled to take place on October 18th.

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