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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Fort St. John-Based Macro Enterprises Inc. announced that its 50/50 joint venture with Spiecapag Canada has executed a construction contract to build parts of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Kinder Morgan Canada announced that the contract with Macro-Spiecapag is one of two that were signed yesterday, while the other four remaining contracts are expected to be signed in the near future. Kinder Morgan Canada announced last month that it had signed an MOU with Surerus-Murphy, which includes another Fort St. John company.

The contract is for the construction of approximately 85 kilometers of 36 inch pipeline along the Coquihalla-Hope corridor in British Columbia referred to as pipeline “Spread 5B”. The duration of the contract is expected to last until November 2019, with field construction to commence once the regulatory requirements for construction of the Project have been satisfied. The reimbursable type contract will be phased and has an initial estimated contract value of approximately $375 million.

Frank Miles, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company stated, “As a British Columbia based company, we are proud to be part of this important project. We will continue to support Trans Mountain in their continual engagement with stakeholders, specifically working with Aboriginal and local communities ensuring positive working relationships now and in the future.”

Spiecapag is part of the Entrepose Group of Companies and is a subsidiary of France-based Vinci S.A.

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