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VANCOUVER, B.C. — Fort St. John mayor Lori Ackerman said that it was an incredibly productive week at the Union of B.C. Municipalities Conference in Vancouver last week.

Ackerman said that the City’s delegation started the conference in a meeting with BC Hydro regarding the Community Measures Agreement that was reached between the two parties pertaining to Site C. Following that, Ackerman attended the BC Mayors Caucus meeting to discuss the Code of Conduct recommendation that was put forward at the conference. “We all felt generally that there are more tools that are needed in our toolkits to be able to deal with conduct that is unbecoming of a council member,” said Ackerman. She explained that the recommendation sprung from the UBCM conference in 2016, though Ackerman wasn’t able to provide a specific incident at last year’s conference that caused the policy to be drawn up.

Ackerman also detailed the meetings that both the City and the Northeast BC Resource Municipalities Coalition held with nearly all members of Premier John Horgan’s cabinet.

Ackerman said she felt that the Coalition’s meeting with Premier Horgan was the most productive of the conference. She explained that the Premier was invited to attend the Coalition’s forum that is taking place on December 7th, as well as meetings that are scheduled for mid-November.

Ackerman said that while the Premier had been invited to visit the region over the summer, the wildfire situation in the Central and Southern Interior precluded such a visit. She added that since the margin in the Legislature has such a slim margin, party members aren’t able to travel while the Legislature is in session.

“To be truthfully honest, if one of my colleagues from the Cariboo needed the attention of the province and all we wanted was Horgan up here to have a conversation with us, we can wait until December. His staff wrote it down, so we’ll see what happens. He has said that he will come up.”

Another major event at the conference was a panel on LNG development, which the Mayor said went well. She said that while she was not present when a resolution was brought forward by North Saanich to implement a moratorium on fracking in B.C, she did hear that one of the delegates mentioned that had those community members attended the panel, the resolution would not have been necessary. The resolution to implement a moratorium on fracking did not pass.

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