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CALGARY, A.B. — Veresen Inc. announced this morning that it has filed applications with the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build a 7.8 million tonne LNG export terminal and associated gas pipeline in Oregon.

This is Veresen’s second application with the FERC to build the Jordan Cove Energy Project and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline. In March, 2016, the FERC denied Veresen’s application stating that the public benefits of Pacific Connector did not outweigh the potential for adverse impacts on landowners and communities.

In Veresen’s revised application filed today, the company eliminated a 420 MW power plant that was previously proposed to supply power to the LNG terminal. In addition, Veresen’s application includes more than 50 route adjustments of Pacific Connector, and the optimization of multiple water crossings to minimize environmental impacts by using trenchless drilling techniques.

“Completing the pre-filing phase and submitting the formal applications to FERC is a major milestone for the projects,” said Veresen’s President and CEO Don Althoff. “Our significant efforts to optimize the design to minimize its environmental footprint and accommodate landowner requests, as well as the support of our world-class LNG buyers, should result in the receipt of the positive regulatory decisions required to build Jordan Cove. We look forward to continuing our work with the local community, Tribal leaders and FERC, as well as other federal and state agencies to advance Jordan Cove.”

The total cost of both the LNG terminal and the gas pipeline is approximately US$10 billion. Veresen said that the project will require approximately 6,000 workers during construction and more than 200 new permanent jobs upon commissioning.

Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector are requesting that FERC issue a Draft Environmental Impact Statement in 2018, leading to FERC decisions by the end of 2018. This will position the project for a potential final investment decision in 2019 and an in-service date in 2024.

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