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VANCOUVER, B.C. — Othman Ayed Hamdan, the Fort St. John man facing a number of terrorism charges, will hear a B.C. Supreme Court judge’s verdict today.

Hamdan was 33 years old when arrested in Fort St. John in July, 2015. He was charged with four terrorism-related charges including counselling to commit murder on behalf of the Islamic State. The judge-alone trial in B.C. Supreme Court began back in June.

During the trial, the prosecution’s expert witness RCMP Cst. Tarek Mokdad focused on 85 Facebook posts made between the fall of 2014 and the summer of 2015.

One post in October 2014 called those fighting against the Islamic State “terrorists” and applauded lone wolves, or those who commit violent acts of terror on their own aimed at Western countries.

Another post the same month called a man who rammed a car into Canadian soldiers in Quebec the “real hero” for hitting “evil Canadian forces” on their own soil.

Hamdan testified in his own defence that his posts were meant to highlight government clashes against citizens during the Arab Spring that started in Tunisia in 2010 and spread to Syria and other locations. Hamdan also told the court that he was worried about rape being used as a ‘weapon of war’ against women, as well as younger men and children. He then says he started expressing his views on the matters in support of people that were being ‘squashed’.

Hamdan was scheduled to appear in court this morning at 10:00 a.m. A court spokeswoman said that this morning’s hearing is scheduled to run for approximately two to two and a half hours.

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