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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Fort St. John mixed martial artist Jamie Herrington’s ban on competing in professional MMA has been lifted, at least in B.C.

Herrington originally told back on September 6th that her ban from competing in mixed martial arts for four years starting in 2015 had been lifted early. Herrington was originally banned by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation after an independent tribunal appointed by IMMAF found that Herrington committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation at the 2015 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur Mixed Martial Arts in Las Vegas. Herrington claimed she failed a drug test because she claimed that Nyquil was found in her system. She said that she had taken the over-the-counter medication to treat a cold.

International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Communications Director Isobel Carnwath said in an email statement on September 12th that Herrington’s doping suspension has not been lifted by IMMAF, and that her suspension continues to be upheld.

Herrington clarified that though she remains from competing in amateur MMA, the B.C. Athletics Commission has overturned her suspension from competing in the sport as a professional. In an email to Herrington’s agent Alessandro Gelke, BC Athletic Commissioner Wayne Willows said that he had discussed Herrington’s suspension with officials from the USA Mixed Martial Arts Federation. Willows states that both UMMAF and IMMAF indicated that Herrington’s suspension of four years “was exclusive to amateur competition and the penalty was lengthy as part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s interest in disallowing Olympic athletes to compete in adjoining Olympic events.”

Willows said in the email that after speaking with officials with the Nevada Athletic Commission, the Association of Boxing Commissions, and officials representing Canada’s national interest in combat sports, he found that Herrington had satisfied the intent of the original suspension in that she has been banned from competition for in excess of 2 years and she no longer intends to compete as an amateur.

“Ms. Herrington’s application to compete professionally will be accepted by British Columbia,” said Willows.

Willows added that Herrington will be required to to undertake an initial test to determine if she is presently in violation of using WADA banned substances, in addition to being tested throughout her career. He added that any further violations of WADA rules will be enforced with significant suspensions for Herrington in B.C.

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