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UPDATE: The District’s Parks and Facilities Director Troy Gould confirmed that the damaged fence has since been repaired, and that the Travis Waite Memorial Foundation has since had its damage deposit returned. Gould, who was not in attendance at Monday’s council meeting, explained that the Foundation admitted to the damaged fence prior to a District inspection, and that the third party responsible for the damage made an attempt to repair the fence the weekend after the tournament.

However, Gould stated that the third party had purchased incompatible fencing material, and that the store they had purchased the replacement fencing was out of stock, meaning that the fence was unable to be repaired until after the report was drafted by Taylor CAO Charlette McLeod on September 12th.

TAYLOR, B.C. – The Travis Waite Memorial Foundation is asking the District of Taylor to forgive half of their ball diamond rental fees for future tournaments.

The Foundation hosted its second annual Travis Waite Memorial Tournament in Taylor over the Labour Day weekend. The Foundation had booked Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but didn’t use Friday.

City Administrator Charlotte McLeod said that because of damage to a fence at the diamonds during this year’s tournament has yet to be fixed, the Foundation’s deposit has not been refunded.

“After the event organizers contacted staff to advise they did not need the ball diamonds for the Friday night and asked that they they be refunded. Staff advised that this is not refundable.”

“As for the deposit, the fence was damaged by a vehicle and requires repair. The offender advised that they would fix the the fence by this past weekend, but have yet to do so. Staff has advised the damage deposit until the issue is resolved.” That damaged fence has since been repaired.

Mayor Rob Fraser proposed the District is open to forgiving 50 percent of the Foundation’s rental fees for next year’s tournament, excluding for the Friday. When it comes to this year’s rental fees, Fraser moved that the Foundation be given their full damage deposit back, along with a refund for this year’s cancellation on the Friday, but in return the broken fence must be fixed or paid for. Council voted in favour of Fraser’s recommendation.

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