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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A Fort St. John man is hoping for some answers after his concert experience wasn’t quite what he was expecting.

28-year-old Derrick Jones and his family made the nearly seven hour journey to Edmonton from Fort St. John to see Metallica at Commonwealth Stadium.

Jones lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which is a progressive neuromuscular disease and uses a wheelchair. When he arrived at the venue and in his section, one of the opening bands was still playing their set and he didn’t have trouble seeing.

“One of the opening bands was still playing when we got there and none of those people were there yet. They did eventually show up right before Metallica started and they sat down and right when Metallica came out, they stood up. Before they stood up, I could see fine.”

Jones says he brought the matter to the attention of the usher, but to no avail. He added that if he asked those in front of him to sit down, they wouldn’t have been able to see either.

“She basically said ‘that’s too bad’ and kind of just shrugged her shoulders and didn’t do anything about it.”

He says occasionally, there were openings and he could see for a slight amount of time but it wasn’t very long.

“Maybe a minute and then that would be about it.”

Jones says he’s in touch with Ticketmaster regarding the issue. The company is trying to put Jones in contact with one of the promoters. This isn’t the first concert he has attended, noting that there weren’t issues with previous shows. He’s also tried contacting the venue directly.

“I’ve emailed the venue and I’ve had no response yet.

I was completely surprised. I’ve been to about five other venues now and never had that problem before. There would be people standing there but my section would be tall enough that I could see past them.”

When spoke to Jones on Friday, he was unaware that a GoFundMe page had been created to help send him to Europe to see the band. The campaign can be found at

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