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CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – Northern Health has officially issued a Public Health Advisory pertaining to algae in Charlie Lake.

A blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is suspected to be in the lake, according to the notice.

Bluegreen algae can cause illness such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, eye and skin irritation. To prevent illness from blue-green algae, residents living near the shores of this lake, as well as visitors to this lake should make sure to:

  • Never drink untreated water from lakes, ponds or wetlands. Boiling water or other methods of disinfection do not remove blue-green algae from the water
  • Never wade, swim or bathe in water with visible blooms
  • Never cook, or wash dishes in water heavily contaminated with blue-green algae
  • You can safely consume fish fillets from this lake but should limit your consumption of whole fish and trimmings as fish may store toxins in organs such as the brain, liver and intestines. Pets should avoid eating whole fish and trimmings
  • Never let pets or livestock into the water if there are blue-green algae. Provide them with other sources of drinking water

Northern Health says anyone experiencing illness after having contact with lake water are advised to seek medical attention.

For more information please contact your local health unit at 250-263-6000 and ask to speak with an Environmental Health Officer.

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