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TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation says a number of large ankylosaur tracks were discovered in Conuma Coal Resources Ltd’s Wolverine Mine in June.

“Staff at the mine preserved and set aside the three heavy rock specimens, and contacted Dr Richard T. McCrea of the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre (PRPRC) of the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF). On August 1 st Dr McCrea, fellow palaeontologist Dr Lisa G. Buckley, and acting TRMF President Dr. Charles Helm visited the mine and were escorted to the sites.”

Along with the ankylosaur tracks that were present, they were also able to identify theropod tracks of various sizes.

The foundation says two specimens have been transported to the PRPRC, where they will be further studied. The massive larger specimen has been transported to the entrance gate of the mine.

“Dr. McCrea will examine this specimen under optimal lighting conditions and will then provide scientific information on the tracks to Conuma Coal, so that it can form an impressive interpreted attraction for visitors to the mine.”

Rick Cyr, a trainer at the mine, was the one who noticed the large specimen.

“I had noticed a large flat rock on one our inactive dumps that appeared to have large indentations on the surface. I felt that the large indentations were dinosaur prints. While on tour with our geologist, Dan McNeil, I mentioned my find to him. Upon closer examination we determined that they were indeed prints of some sort.”

The two smaller specimens were discovered by Sandra Cyr, Chief Blaster.

“I was so excited for this great find; I was walking down the heave in the pit placing a blast barricade around a pattern when something caught my eye. I went over for a closer look and noticed that it was a set of dinosaur tracks.”

These are not the first fossil specimens to be donated from the Wolverine Mine. In 2014, a cycad fossil was recovered and transported to the museum.

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