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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Condill Hotel has been purchased by the City of Fort St. John and with plans for demolition, some will still have memories of the historic hotel.

The hotel was built in 1942 during the construction of the Alaska Highway. It also turns 75 this year.

The original owners Con Hergot and Joe Dill built the hotel.

Larry Evans says the hotel will have memories for many people, including himself.

“It was a place to stay at the time because it was a modern hotel. What they did is, Con took his first name and Joe took his last name and they called in the ‘Condill’ and that is how it got its name.”

Evans noted that one of the main things about the hotel was the fact that it had hot, running water.

“It had running water and it was heated water and you could go in and for 75 cents have a bath. A lot of people did it.”

There were three hotels at the time. The Condill, The Frontier Inn and The Fort.

Evans says that due to the age of the building, there isn’t much that can be done in terms of restoration.

“Buildings like that have a lifespan unfortunately and it is time for it to go. You couldn’t buy it and drag it into the 21st century, it isn’t practical.”

Evans says to him, that area will always be the Condill and he will always have the memories.

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