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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – MP Bob Zimmer has a challenge and a message for those who are opposed to oil and gas: stop using them.

In a video posted to Facebook, Zimmer had a certain message for Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and David Suzuki.


A challenge for anti Oil/Natural Gas dev leaders David Suzuki, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. If you really oppose oil and gas in British Columbia then my challenge to you is simple…stop using them…period. #stopthehypocrisy

Posted by Bob Zimmer MP on Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zimmer explained to why he created the challenge and also created the hashtag #stopthehypocrisy.

“I’ve personally seen them get on the same flight I do from Ottawa to Vancouver and Vancouver back and there are other ones I haven’t mentioned yet but I think I will do that in the future, and with the whole talk of Pacific NorthWest and just the joy that some of them got from that project being turned down, it struck a chord with me. I thought ‘how can you oppose resources that you yourself use?’ I don’t fault them for their position and what they are trying to do, there are diverse opinions, but if you have an opinion about something, at least you should be, as a leader, you should at least follow what you are trying to get everyone else to do.”

Zimmer also pointed out the same issues when it comes to Kinder Morgan.

“Kinder Morgan delivers the raw product to refineries in Burnaby and Washington State where the jet fuel comes from that they fly in those planes back to Ottawa with. So I thought ‘how can do you that and still be opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion and Kinder Morgan in general?’ and that is why I brought up the video.”

Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman even got involved with a chain of responses between Zimmer and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Ackerman invited May to come to the community and see how the sector actually is run.

Zimmer says he will expand his list of those he wants to challenge and will keep the hashtag going.

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