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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After Pacific NorthWest LNG announced this morning that the project would not be going forward, there are many who feel disappointed.

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) issued a release shortly after the announcement that stated how they felt.

“We are deeply disappointed that PNW will not go forward, as it means thousands of construction jobs will not materialize,” said ICBA president Chris Gardner.

“No jurisdiction does energy extraction in a better, cleaner, more socially responsible way than Canada. This is a significant lost opportunity that would have brought many benefits. Canada has to act faster to seize the opportunities that our responsible resource development industries can deliver.”

Gardner went on to explain that decisions like this, will turn potentional projects and companies away.

“Many of the job-creating projects we have been trying to #Get2Yes on are in jeopardy. PNW is lost. The Massey Tunnel replacement, Site C, and Trans Mountain pipeline are all facing stiff opposition. This is a chilling message to send to investors – why would anyone want to come to B.C. and put time and money into any major project?”

The new Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Michelle Mungall, said Petronas contacted the NDP government this morning to inform them of their decision.

“They will remain in Canada however and maintain their operations in Northeast B.C. The company was very clear: this is a decision they are making because of the economic challenges in the global energy marketplace.”

Mungall said the government respects their decision and that the project was ‘uneconomical’. She also stated that the decision had nothing to do with anything with the project, but global market pricing.

“Our government is committed to working with the LNG industry to ensure we are competitive. We are also committed to working with the LNG sector to ensure that it guarantees job and training opportunities for British Columbians.”

Fort St. John for LNG founder, Alan Yu, also expressed his disappointment by the decision saying that it has left him ‘heartbroken’.

“I’m pretty much heartbroken. It is a sad day for Fort St. John. We are all going to be affected by this. I started Fort St. John for LNG hoping that we would make a difference and we got the federal approval after working so hard.”

Once federal approval was announced, Yu said he was probably ‘the happiest person in Fort St. John’ but now, it is completely the opposite.

“I have poured my time and little talent along with the many equally dedicated people of FSJ to convince the feds that we need LNG. I faced the Standing Committee on Natural Resources and told them that the job market of FSJ is hurting and we are pinning our hopes on LNG.”

MP Bob Zimmer also released the following statement:

“I am deeply disappointed with the decision by Pacific Northwest, my office worked extremely hard with our former Prime Minister in attempting to make this project a success.

We streamlined the National Energy Board with our One-Project-One-Review mandate that would allow proponents of these types of projects as well as communities involved a manageable timeline to work within. The 24 month period would give adequate time for everyone involved to voice their opinions and at the same time give viable projects a real chance to succeed.

This, along with the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance and the extension of export licenses were, unfortunately, not enough to overcome the current market forces and it appears that will not be the only obstacle in front of these types of projects in BC. Based on Premier Horgan’s comments today his government will not only be increasing the carbon tax but they will also “employ every tool available” against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

We have a world-class, clean resource in British Columbia and we all look forward to seeing it’s potential realized, this is what it means to “defend British Columbia’s interests”. I will continue to work hard on this because I am convinced that it is what’s best for Northeastern BC as well as the entire country.”

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