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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John is looking to update its Gateway Welcome signage in the near future.

At a Council Meeting on Monday afternoon, staff presented some options to install the new signage.

In total, there were three design options shown.

The City has some money to work with as Council approved $100,000.00 in the 2017 capital budget to for a signage strategy in support of the Community Tourism Foundations Plan adopted in 2010 and Tourism Focused Urban Sign Strategy which was adopted in 2013.

The signage program (which includes other signage besides just the gateway signage) is a four year program with $100,000.00 available each year.

“Staff are proposing that initial steps include new production/installation of our four gateway signs: North and South on the Alaska Highway, the North entrance on 100th Street and the entrance sign from the south end of 100th Avenue (airport).

Subject to Council approval, staff will develop detailed technical specifications for the designs and advertise an RFQ for production and installation of each sign. It is anticipated that the 2017 budget may not cover production of all four signs, however, would be completed as part of the 2018 plan if necessary.”

Photo: City of Fort St. John
Photo: City of Fort St. John
Photo: City of Fort St. John

Acting Mayor Larry Evans and the other members of Council liked Conceptual Design #1. Most Council members said that they enjoyed that Fort St. John was on the top of the sign and ‘Welcomes You’ was just below it. Most Councillors also believed the shorter/wider version would be more eye catching compared to the tall version.

Staff will be starting with the gateway signs and then moving onto other signage mentioned in the Tourism Focused Urban Sign Strategy.

“We’re not entirely sure we would get four Gateway Signs for $100,000 but the next step in approval is get the sign engineered and then go for quotations, production and installation.

Replacement of gateway entrance signs is the first part of a larger signage program to be completed in a strategic and phased approach.”

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