Exact South Taylor Hill repair timeline still being determined: Caribou Road Services

TAYLOR, B.C. – With delays on the South Taylor Hill becoming extremely heavy, Caribou Road Services says that a plan is in place to repair the affected area to get traffic flowing smoothly once again.

Quality Control Manager, Shelley Fulmes says that the assessment was completed yesterday and crews are now moving forward on the work.

“They’re just tying into it today. They assessed it yesterday and came up with a plan. A retaining wall has slipped because of all the moisture that we have been getting from last year and the moisture from this year, all of that combined is wreaking havoc on all of our area roads.”

A retaining wall holds up material and land below the highway. Fulmes says the fix will be a temporary one so that they can get traffic going.

“It will be a temporary fix so we can open up that lane. Until they are finished tying into it and see what is going on, we are hoping that it could be done within 3 or 4 days but that may not be the case because once he starts digging into it, who knows what they are going to find.”

Fulmes added she doesn’t have a current estimate of how high wait times have been, but they are aware the times are quite high.

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