Fort St. John launches Grammar Task Force

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John announced this morning that it is launching a new Grammar Task Force.

The task force will provide the city with instructions on how to improve the grammar of all traffic signs in the city. In addition, the task force will also be putting together a Grammar Guide that will be consulted before new city signs are made, and will also oversee the implementation of a city sign bylaw that prohibits bad grammar on all signs in the community including: business signs, for sale signs and public notices by community groups.

The task force will address important issues such as:

  • The oxford comma, does it have a place in city sign’s?
  • Can the exclamation mark be over used?
  • Should there be a fine for misplaced apostrophe’s?

Mayor Ackerman stated, “I am super duper excited about grammatically correct city signs!!!! It makes me crazy when I see a misplaced apostrophe!!”

The RCMP supports proper grammar and punctuation on all traffic signs as it may increase compliance. Inspector Mike Kurvers stated, “It is important that drivers come to a complete stop and insure the intersection is clear before proceeding through. Perhaps if the Stop sign had an exclamation mark, or even two, people would know that we are serious.”

The task force is being formed this week and a first public engagement session has been scheduled for April 5th at 7pm at City Hall. An online survey will also be offered n the Let’s Talk page for those not able to attend the public engagement session

A grammar filter will also be installed on the City Facebook pages to automatically delete any post or comment that is grammatically incorrect.

Stop signs are being replaced immediately. Based on recommendations from the task force, the City plans to complete replacement of all city signs and traffic signs by April 1, 2018, which is also April Fool’s Day.

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