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HARBIN, CHINA – Denny Morrison made his return to the ISU World Cup speed skating circuit this past weekend with the rest of the Canadian team in Harbin, China.

Morrison competed in two events over the three day course of the event, the first of two races this month. Skating with Calgary’s Ted-Jan Bloemen and Toronto’s Jordan Belchos Morrison helped the Canadian team pursuit to finish sixth in 3:50.71. The Netherlands (3:45.33), Norway (3:48.50) and South Korea (3:48.72) managed to finish on the podium.

On Sunday, Morrison skated in the Men’s 1,500m. Morrison finished in 10th place in Group B with a time of 1:50.35. Despite finishing nearly three seconds off top skater Kjeld Nuis, Morrison’s time still ranks as incredibly impressive after suffering a stroke while in Utah this April. Morrison is also still recovering after he broke several bones in a motorcycle accident in May 2015.

Denny Morrison and the rest of the Canadian team will be skating once again this weekend in Nagano, Japan for the second event of the ISU World Cup.

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