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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Kim Henry, Garth Grubisich, Brian Elliot and others went before Council yesterday to say why they believe they should be exempt from paving a private access road.

Kim Henry says they want the City to revisit the current regulations.

“We’re here to ask the City to revisit the requirements with regards to paving and this application.”

Henry goes on to say that they are making sure the building is up to date with City requirements and the road is a private road and will never be maintained by the City.

When a permit was being sought after, they were notified that they would have to pave the 1 km private access road.

Kalmar Construction says for the most part, the City paving requirements are for City streets and that the road they do not want to pave, is private.

They would like Council to review the application. They say the road will be able to handle heavy traffic because it is already built to do so.

Council had concerns that the gravel road would spread a lot of dust. Kalmar Construction says there are ways to control the dust and would take precautions to protect against it.

The City says there are a few reasons paving is required. One is because of the dust concerns and also the roads need to be paved for emergency responders to respond safely.

The City also says that they can’t do it as a one off for this situation. They would have to make provisions to the Bylaw that is currently in place. City also says that if Council is in favour of looking at making changes to the Bylaw, they would have to have City Staff come back with a report.

Council has asked staff to come up with pros and cons and more information on what it would exactly look like if changes were to be made.

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