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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Weather Network says Halloween will be chilly and November will show average trends in Fort St. John.

Brad Rousseau with the Weather Network says children should bundle up during the trick-or-treat hours.

“We’re looking at Halloween to be a cloudy, dreary day. Temperatures during trick-or-treat time should be hovering around -1 to about -3. A bit of a slight risk for flurry activity. Definitely will want to bundle up the kids as they head out the door trick-or-treating”.

As for November, Rousseau says we should expect average snowfall amounts which he says are in the 30-35 cm range.

“We aren’t expecting a overly snowy month, but we could see temperatures start to plummet through the rest of November, definitely staying below seasonal”.

He says that the average temperature for November is around -3, so he expects it to hover around that mark or drop a few degrees.

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