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BEAR FLATS, B.C. – Members of the Peace Valley Environmental Association, along with West Moberly First Nations Chief Roland Willson and other members of the Treaty 8 First Nations kicked off a new symbolic fundraising campaign at Bear Flats this morning.

Shortly after 10:30, the group unveiled their Stake in the Peace campaign at Ken and Arlene Boon’s farm near Bear Flats. The fundraiser is in support of the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations’ case against BC Hydro in federal court. Members of the First Nations and their legal team were in a Montreal courtroom deliberating the case at the end of August. Willson told that the verdict in the case is expected to be announced sometime within the next six to twelve months. In addition, Willson said that the two First Nations are still awaiting a decision from a provincial court judge against BC Hydro in a breach of contract case that was due out in August.

Willson added that the fundraiser is also about raising awareness for the PVEA’s fight against the Site C dam, and the plight of the Boons. According to Willson, the Boons were informed by Hydro that they need to move out of their farm by the end of October, in order for work to begin on the realignment of Highway 29.

The Stake in the Peace campaign was launched by volunteers Verena Hofmann and Wendy Holm last Friday, according to PVEA spokesperson Andrea Morison. Today, it was revealed that over 90 stakes, priced at $100 dollars each had been purchased by donors from as far away as New York and Florida. The group, led by Hofmann, Willson, and the Boons then hammered the stakes into the ground so that they would look out over the Peace Valley whether or not Site C continues to be built.

Stakes are available to be purchased at, and come with a tax receipt.

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