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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The record snowfall last weekend not only wreaked havoc on area roads, but also in local farmer’s fields.

Viterra’s Kelly Kassian says that the snow has had a negative impact on what was lready shaping up to be an average at best year for local area farmers. Kassian says that the nearly one foot of snow has weighed down any grain crops that have yet to be harvested, meaning that they’ll become much more difficult to be picked up by combines. In addition, when the snow does melt, many farmers won’t be able to bring their machines out into the fields straight away: Kassian says that even before the snow fell, many local fields were too water-logged to drive equipment onto.

Should the forecast continue to bring cooler temperatures, the grain that is covered by snow will take much longer to spoil. However, Kassian says that this year’s crop is already looking to be largely feed grain due to the sheer amount of precipitation that fell this year. He added that in order for farmers to continue the last of their harvest, the weather will need to dry out, and temperatures will need to either drop lower so that the ground can freeze, or warmer so that it dries out completely.

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