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CALGARY, A.B. – Speed skater Denny Morrison is once again proving that he is ready to compete at the Olympics once again despite suffering several mishaps in the past year.

The Fort St. John native set a new personal best in the 3,000 metres race last Friday at the at the Olympic Oval Fall Classic in Calgary. According to a CSC Sports article, Morrison skated the three kilometres in 3:42.21. The blistering fast time was despite the four-time Olympic medallist having been on the road to recovery for over a year now.

Morrison broke both his fractured femur and a bone near his spine, tore a knee ligament, and suffered internal bleeding after a motorcycle crash in May 2015 in Calgary. After spending nearly a year recovering from the accident and returning to form, Morrison suffered a stroke on April 23rd and has spent the summer recovering and taking blood thinners.

Morrison says that the road to recovery has been incredibly tough, especially when it comes to not being able to over-exert himself. “It’s such the opposite of what my life has been like for the last decade as a high performance athlete which is very much go, go, go, never quit to being like no, stop.”

Morrison still has a ways to go on the road to recovery ahead of time trials this season. His knee is still missing an ACL from the motorcycle crash from a year ago.

With files from CBC Sports and The Canadian Press:

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