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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – BC Hydro has released statistics of those working on the Site C dam project in July.

Compared to the numbers from June of this year, there were 84 fewer workers employed by the project in the first whole month of summer, to a total of 1,721 workers. Of those, 1,345 workers were employed as construction and environmental contractors, with an additional 376 engineers and project staff.

The percentage of local hires on the dam site doesn’t seem to have shown much change, although it did increase by one percent to 47%, which means that there were 636 PRRD residents employed as contractors on the dam.

Overall, the number of workers hailing from BC fell one percent, from 83 percent to 82 percent.

One thing that did not change from June to July was the number of Temporary Foreign Workers on the project: zero.

Hydro added in the release that “as with any construction project, the number of workers — and the proportion from any particular location — will vary month-to-month and also reflects the seasonal nature of construction work.”

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