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VICTORIA, B.C. – Christy Clark addressed the UBCM Convention in Victoria this afternoon. Clark met with the media afterwards and of course, the Pacific NorthWest LNG project approval from the Federal Government was a hot topic with the Premier.

When asked about the First Nations that are opposed to the project, she said that many First Nations groups supported the project and benefit agreements with First Nations will be a key part of the process.

Clark also noted she understands it is a project that not everyone will 100% agree with. She stated leadership means sometimes you have to make a decision.

It was also pointed out Clark has had a lot of good publicity lately. From the Royals being in BC, and now the LNG announcement yesterday, Clark said that she believes the advantage going into next years election is based on government following through on things.

“I think if government does the job right, they have an advantage. I’ve always believed you do not win elections by segmenting voter groups and trying to put goodies in the christmas stocking. I’ve always been a believer, if you do a good job and the economy is growing, unemployment is low, you are creating oppurtunities for people to be able to get jobs, the government is in good shape.

If people think we did a good job, we’ll be re-elected, if people think we didn’t, then we won’t.”

When asked about Steelhead LNG, Clark said she believes that the project is a long way off, despite approval yesterday for PNW LNG. She said it remains to be seen if it will even get approval from American authorities. The project depends on getting gas from the U.S. Clark said they are waiting for approval from the U.S. , before anything else can be decided. Clark also said the Petronas project was way easier and that the Steelhead LNG project is too early to call.

When the statement was made that Clark has been talking about the LNG project for 5 years, Clark made note that she has been doing more then just talking.

“I haven’t been talking about LNG for 5 years, I’ve been working on it for the last 5 years of my life. This has been a huge undertaking for the government.”

Clark said the government has had to build the project and components from the ground up. She said that she feels they haven’t just been talking about it, but working hard on it.




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