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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After a trip to Ottawa earlier this year to push for the approval of LNG in BC, FSJ for LNG has a reason to celebrate.

Alan Yu, the founder of the group, says he is the “happiest person in Fort St. John right now” after the approval of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project yesterday night.

“I am the happiest person in FSJ right now. The approval of the PNW LNG will benefit everyone in FSJ and the NEBC will see the highest share in employment from an LNG Industry in Canada and the highest investment from any BC LNG operation.”

Yu also says everyone will benefit majorly from the project financially for years to come.

“Long after the completion of the PNW LNG and LNG Canada, when employment and investment settle down in the North West, FSJ and the NEBC will still enjoy an investment of $5 billion every year as the continued upstream source of NatGas for LNG plants.”

He says he never had any doubt that the Federal Government would approve the project and says Canada has resources that other countries envy. He also stressed the point of making sure the rewards are earned in a sustainable and responsible way.

“Canada has natural resources that other countries envy. We have the third largest oil and gas deposits in the world and we have boreal forest that could convert our carbon emission into oxygen. All we need is to reap the rewards that mother nature has given us in a sustainable and responsible way.”

The 36 billion dollar project was given the green light from the Liberal Government and Justin Trudeau yesterday night, before the October 2nd deadline to make a decision.

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