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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Auditor General released the next 3 years worth of projects to audit, and one notable project is on the list: the Site C dam. The details of what she will be auditing are to be determined.

Auditor General Carol Bellringer said that transparency is key in the process.

“Sharing our audit intentions publicly is an important part of maintaining transparency and engaging with our stakeholders. While the plan covers the next three years, we update it annually to reflect new priorities or significant changes.”

There will be 56 audits over the next 3 years. The site C dam isn’t the only audit on the list. The auditor general also says she will be auditing Grizzly Bear Management and whether the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations are effectively managing the grizzly bear population in BC.

The Auditor General also said that the list is not final, and it can change at anytime.

“The list of projects in this plan is not definitive. It may shift if new priorities emerge, or as the environment in which we operate changes. We aim to be flexible and responsive in our work, which can include audits, reviews, examinations, guidance or advice.”

She will also be auditing rate-regulated Accounting at BC Hydro. That projects description of what will be audited is also to be determined at a later time. There is also health funding, follow-up on the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.

The Auditor General also says that they have added new projects for new priorities.

“We’ve added projects to address new priorities, as well as smaller pieces of work that will assess management practices and financial controls.”

Future projects that will be completed by 2019 at the latest include: Access to clean drinking water, BC Ferries – Coastal Ferry Services Contract, BC Services Card, as well as domestic violence programs, end of life care, Hospital acquired infections, and rural health.

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