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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With the announcement today that the BC Court of Appeal has rejected the Peace Valley Landowners Association appeal of the Site C dam, the president says the decision is not straight forward.

Ken Boon, who is the President of the Peace River Landowners Association, said today that he finds the decision “bizarre”.

He says he received a call from his lawyer who gave him some details on what happened. Boon hasn’t had a full chance yet to read the decision.

Boon said that from what he knows so far, that it doesn’t quite make sense to him.

“From what I understand, it is a very odd decision. They ruled that those recommendations from the joint review panel on the economics of Site C, do not have to be considered. No one saw that decision coming. To be clear, that wasn’t even BC Hydro’s argument in court. They argued that those were important recommendations, but the government did consider them. So this is quite bizarre.”

He says it is very disappointing, and sadly, they are used to getting rejected in court. He says the court decisions are just one aspect of the whole Site C campaign to stop Site C.

Boon also noted that Christy Clark is trying to push the project to a point of no return.

“We have a Premier who seems to be dragging her knuckles, saying she is going to push this to the point of no return. That just doesn’t square up with the reality that seems to be surfacing about the wisdom of proceeding with Site C. Really, what I see is the Premier going against the general wisdom that is coming forward against Site C.”

He also says that the Auditor General’s decision to also put a microscope under the dam puts another red flag on things, and where they are going.

Boon says it is not over by any means after today’s decision, and that this is all about the BC government. He states BC Hydro is just doing what they are told.


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