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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace Family Super Park non-profit organisation says that it has filled the vacant positions on its board in order to continue to work towards building an indoor play area in Fort St. John.

Founder and board chair Jaandi Roemer says that after word spread that the board needed to fill the vacant Treasurer and Executive Director positions, the non-profit was able to not get those positions, but have expanded their board to a total of 16 members. The group was in danger of having to close if they weren’t able to fill the vacancies prior to reporting their membership to the government ahead of their September 12th deadline. That would have meant that the group would have had to donate all monies raised to another charitable organisation of their choosing.

Roemer says that the group got non-profit certification three years ago. Since then, the board has raised nearly $43,000 towards the construction of an indoor playground in Fort St. John. According to Roemer, the closest indoor playgrounds to the Energetic City are located in Grande Prairie, Tumbler Ridge, and Fort Nelson.

The group has a budget of $375,000 for the construction of an indoor playground that would that would cater to all ages, adults included. The group has also spent a great deal of time insuring that the planned playground would also cater to those with physical and developmental disabilities.

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