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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The City of Fort St. John took the time to recognize 3 employees for their hard work and dedication on Monday at the City Council meeting.

Victoria Butler received her 5 year – Long Service Award. Victoria is a facility allocations clerk with the City of Fort St. John. She first started as a Clerk 3.

“Through her five years of service, Victoria has proven herself to be an active, dedicated hard worker and continues to be an asset to the City of Fort St John Community Services Department. “

Delphine Pinette was next to receive a Long Service Award. She has been with the City for 5 years. Pinette is currently a facilities operator, but has the hopes of attaining the job of Ice Facilities Operator, as she is going through her certification.

“The Community Services Department is very happy to have Delphine as part of their facilities team.”

Next up for a Long Service Award was Sonya Wiebe. Sonya received her awards for 10 years of service. Sonya first started in 2006 with the City of Fort St. John.

“Sonya continues to be an integral part of the City Employee Staff Fund and works hard to ensure the events are fun for everyone attending.”


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