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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman says that she’s used to occasionally acting as a referee during city council meetings when councillors Dan Davies and Trevor Bolin offer differing viewpoints.

In a month’s time however, the mayor will be acting as a real referee while the two councillors duke it out in a boxing ring during Fivestar MMA’s upcoming charity boxing match.

Fivestar owner Justin Donally announced the match at the end of July, although he has kept details of the municipal bout under wraps for several weeks. Donally is hosting the event to raise money for kids that haven’t been able to, or have had to pull out of martial arts classes due to the recent economic downturn in the Peace Region. He says that all funds that evening will go towards helping those kids from the Fort St. John area to be able participate in the programs that are offered at the gym.

The boxing match will be something of a sports rematch for the two councillors. When the Pomeroy Sports Centre opened 6 years ago, the two councillors had a speed skating race, which Davies won.

Dan Davies says that he has a bit of trepidation about the match due to councillor Bolin having a height and reach advantage, however he says that he used to wrestle back in high school, and might have to rely on some of that training.

Trevor Bolin meanwhile has no experience with combat sports of any kind, although he says that after some training sessions with Donally, he feels that he will be ready for the match. He adds that him and Davies have done many events together in the past, and that stepping into the ring seemed like the next logical step.

Mayor Ackerman has officiated volleyball and basketball matches in the past, and she says that refereeing a boxing match presents a new challenge. When it comes to the match itself, Ackerman says that if it is anything like previous events the two councillors have done before, there will be a lot of hilarity.

In addition to the bout between councillors, the match will also showcase boxing, kickboxing, and grappling from some of the gym’s younger members. UFC athletes Sheldon Westcott and Mitch Clarke will be participating as guest referees for several bouts, while the evening’s main events will see MMA fighters Brad Stewart and Jared McComb squaring off in a boxing match for the first time, along with Travis Lussier taking on Joe Westbrook.

The event will take place at the Pomeroy Hotel & Casino on Friday, October 7th. Tickets are $40 each, while Donally says that VIP tickets will also be available in the $100 range. The tickets go on sale today and are available at the Fiverstar MMA gym located at 10412 Alaska Rd North.

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