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TAYLOR, B.C. – Jody Mather says the Big Bam Ski Hill is barely staying afloat.

At the District of Taylor Council Meeting on Tuesday night, Mather said that the bottom line is that they need help.

He says that they pay $1400 dollars a month to insure the hill, and as of recent, they have begun the process of filing paperwork to sell assets because they just don’t have enough money to help run the hill and pay the monthly bills.

They also don’t have enough volunteers according to Mather. He says they get lots of people who say they want to volunteer to help, but only a few actually show up and help.

In turn, that has caused Mather to be spending more of this time at the hill to keep it alive and losing time he could be using with family.

The hill runs on volunteers and grant money, something Mather said they are struggling to obtain, which is why they have come to the District of Taylor Council seeking help. Mather says they have a hard time getting grants because they don’t have the matching funds in their bank accounts in order to receive the grant.

The District of Taylor understood Mather’s concerns and said they would be happy to sit down and go through the process of obtaining grants through the District. They did say that they have to have particular events, or things they want the grant for, not just for the company itself.

The District of Taylor says they will do what they can to help and make a plan with Mather’s to reach some of the goals he has.



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