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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Treaty 8 Justice for the Peace Caravan officially left for Montreal today.

At a send-off at the Boone residence, members of the Treaty 8 Peace Caravan were acknowledged for going to Montreal to attend the West Moberly First Nation and Prophet River First Nation court case regarding Site C and it’s infringement on their Treaty Rights.

The court case is set for September 12th in Montreal. The group plans to make many stops along the way to raise awareness on why they think they should be visible in the court room and why Site C should be stopped.

With a “Keep The Promise” banner hanging about the stage, many speakers gave their support to the group travelling as well as concerns about why the Site C Dam project should not go ahead.

Craig Benjamin of Amnesty International was on hand to lead the event. He started off by saying this is a real moment of hope and the commitment from the caravan members has really shown and today is the start of the stop of the dam.

The key focal point of the event was the that the message needs to get across to Justin Trudeau and the impact that Site C will have on the Peace River.

Ken Boone says the only good thing that Site C may have done so far is bring people together in instances like today.

“Of all the things Site C has done, that may be the only good thing that it has done, it has brought a lot of people together that normally would not be together.”

Boone says Treaty 8 and land owners did presentations about alternate visions for the Valley. He says that they have to kill the project and use the vision that they have for the Valley. He also says the Valley can be there for years to come, and that is what keeps him going.

He says this will be a great opportunity to spread awareness. He says it is crazy that First Nations have to go all the way to Montreal to get justice for the Valley. He also called the BC Government “criminals” saying they should be in jail, with Christy Clark trying to push this project to the point of no return.

The group’s schedule has many stops as listed below.

Edmonton: September 5th
Saskatoon: September 6th
Winnipeg: September 7/8th
Thunder Bay: September 9th
Sault Ste. Marie: September 10th
Montreal: September 11&12
Ottawa: September 13th


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