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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Since British Columbia is not in the United States, where electioneering, if it was a plant, would be a perennial, an election campaign of more than eight months, in this province has hitherto been unthinkable.

Enter Premier Christy Clark, who despite the fact it is likely to still be months from the writ drop, has unofficially kicked off the campaign for next spring’s 41st provincial election, with the governing Liberals first “ad” of the campaign cycle.

That sounded the starting gun with what the late Lawrence Peter Berra would almost certainly have called, a Deja-Vu all over again voter appeal message.

However it’s a re-run of the 2013 campaign that New Democrat leader John Horgan is not about to accept quietly.

Because the province now has a fixed election date, it means, whether they like it or not, another war to sway voters is underway and Mr. Horgan, obviously wants to make it clear, he’s ready for the front lines.

Armed with a war chest of freshly battle tested Bernie Sanders verbal weaponry the first Socialist counter attack was aimed directly at the Grit’s claim they’re trying to keep cash in the hands of British Columbians.

Meantime, the New Democrats are getting some early campaign assistance on the environmental front, from York University’s Tzeporah Berman, the former Greenpeace activist, and a member of the BC government appointed Climate Leadership Team.

She opened fire yesterday on the Premier’s strategy to postpone any carbon tax escalation, of her government’s greenhouse gas offensive, until she determines where Prime Minister Trudeau intends to deploy the forces of his government.

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