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FORT NELSON, B.C. – Two Fort Nelson teens face a number of driving-related charges after a yearlong police investigation.

Through a combination of tips and police intelligence-gathering, investigators with the Fort Nelson RCMP were able to establish the identity of suspects and link them to driving offences dating back to June of 2015.

On August 4th, police executed a search warrant and seized a dirt bike.

On August 8th, charges were laid against a 16 year-old and an 18 year-old, neither of whom can be named due to the alleged offences occurring when they were both minors. The 16 year-old was charged with 5 counts of Dangerous Driving and 1 count of Mischief, while the 18 year-old faces one count of Mischief while still a youth, and 1 count of Dangerous Driving as an adult.

The RCMP’s investigation has yielded a number of video clips depicting acts of dangerous driving and stunting, including consuming alcohol while riding on one wheel on a public roadway, and passing a police vehicle on one wheel while using a cell phone to record the offence.

Police are considering seeking criminal or civil forfeiture for items seized during their investigation, which are valued at nearly $25,000. These items include a dirtbike and an ATV that were used during multiple alleged offences.

The Fort Nelson RCMP also say that they expect to make several more arrests in connection with the case.

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